About Us

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Our values and mission at FLY Resume Services are perfectly captured in our mission statement:

Building Platforms that Launch Careers

Our Mission

At Formally Launching You Resume Services, our purpose is to help craft and provide resumes that launches clients into the right trajectory of their chosen careers.

Many, today, are hampered in their search for employment or professional fulfillment, not by a lack of ability or skill, but by a gross deficiency in their presentation. Skilled and ultra-talented prospects, who in normal circumstances, would be scouted by high-profile companies, are unemployed and often stuck in underpaying or unsuitable jobs.

Our company started as a response to the state of the labour market, especially as it affects young people today. Their lack of experience has made the process of getting a gainful employment difficult and seemingly impossible.

Our team leverages its years of experience—studying and noting the peculiarities in different professional niches and fields—to craft a suitable and highly engaging resume or CV for you. We also boast experience working with captains of industry and HR personnel of reputable employers, giving us valuable insights into the recruitment process and areas to highlight and flaws to diminish.

Far from being just a resume writing company, we consider ourselves employment consultants, with countless successful clients in tow.

Our Vision

We are continuously striving to improve the scope of services available to aspiring job seekers. In five years, we intend to provide an all-encompassing employment solution for clients—building on our existing offers. We currently offer professional cover letter writing and resume crafting, with the goal to expand into creating an attractive virtual and online presence for clients, with a professionally vetted LinkedIn and Facebook Profile for networking purposes. These services, though ahead of the curve today, are a mere stepping stone on our journey to providing young people with all the empowerment to make it in a harsh world.

We envisage a world where students, young graduates, and people looking to revamp or restart their careers can have a seamless and stress-free process, and we constantly work to make this a reality. While you accrue and collect certifications, valuable skills and experience, let us create an irresistible brand—YOU.

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