Be Job Ready in 3 Simple Steps

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Afraid of a job interview?

Haven’t gotten any responses yet?

Worried that your resume is not sufficient enough?

We get it! This has troubled many of us too. But not anymore. 

We discovered 3 simple steps to make ourselves or anyone ready to FLY to launch their career on top.

1. Comprehensive resume or CV

2. Aptly written cover letter

3. Optimised Linkedin profiles

First, your CV is a hiring manager’s window into your competencies and skills. It should be concise but comprehensive at the same time. But one thing most job hunters forget is that it shouldn’t be a boilerplate template for all of your applications. Customise it according to the company. 

Remember this keyword: Clients or Company’s needs first before yours. 

Second, cover letters; make sure your resume gets the perfect oomph even before they see it. You have highlighted everything there is to know about your past work, projects, milestones, and accomplishments PLUS tailored-fit your response to whoever is hiring. That’s the perfect recipe for a winning cover letter and resume.

If you intend on applying for seven companies today, make sure you follow this cardinal rule: bespoke wins. 

The last tip number 3 is an optimised Linkedin profile. It’s the world’s largest professional network with 1 million Australians actively using it. Recruiters go here discreetly (yes, even if they don’t tell you at all) before you even enter a room or answer a Zoom call interview. 

They check for consistency in what your resume and cover letter has highlighted. Lying on any of these assets digitally or on paper is a big no. Be honest with your experience.

#1 tip for fresh graduates: get your skills up there. Focusing on what you’re capable of despite having no actual experience is the important thing to do. Use a reverse-chronological order format for your resume as it’s standard for those with years of experience under their belt. Make the most recent, relevant job post appear on top, ALWAYS.

We hope you enjoyed this article and make sure to contact us in case you need professional resume writers that are ACRW certified (there’s just a few of us here in AU).